Useful Links

The College of St Aldhelm mailing list is a low traffic email list used to announce events, classes, and other useful information to the members of the College. Information about our weekly meetings also gets posted here.
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The Barony of Politarchoplis

The Barony of Politarchopolis is the Canberra group of the SCA, in which the College lives.



The Kingdom of Lochac
Comprising Australia, New Zealand and their Antarctic territories, the Kingdom is a regional branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)



“The Florilegium”
Florilegium is a site put together by Lord Stefan li Rous of information he has collected over the past years (since 1989) it is a good place to start for most SCA topics.



Practical Worksheet for Tunic Construction
A good place to start if you’re making your first set of medieval clothes.


Food links

Gode cookery
A compilation of medieval recipes from authentic sources adapted for the 21st century kitchen, along with diverse facts on food & feasting in the Middle Ages & Renaissance and other historical culinary items.

Historical foods
The story of what we cook and eat is in itself a form of autobiography of a nation. Here on Historical Foods you can find out more about the forgotten and neglected secrets of traditional recipes and ingredients.

Cariadoc’s Miscellany, Recipe Table of Contents
lots of middle eastern & Persian recipes including a mint cordial recipe.

How to Make Mundane Food Medieval
Relatively simple ideas for turning ready made foods like tinned soup into period style food.

SCA Potlucks Without a Kitchen
A great resource for Uni students or those who are otherwise lacking in access to cooking facilities.