Note: This is the final list of officers before the college became inactive. For information on reviving the College, please contact the Seneschal of the Barony



Group ‘president’. Organises things, deals with venue hire, and does all the jobs we don’t have a person for.
Current Seneschal: Elena Vesare (Louise Caldwell)
Contact Email:



Responsible for ensuring that the laws of the club are upheld. Often involves making sure people keep up with paperwork.
Current Constable: (Merinda Baulch)
Contact Email:



Responsible for group media. Maintains the website, puts out newsletters, if there is one.
Current Chronicler: Heinrich Schreiber (James Hansard)
Contact Email:



Encourages combat activities within the group and is responsible for ensuring the safety of combatants.
Current Constable: (Laura Evans)
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 Arts and Sciences Minister

Encourages Arts and Sciences activities within the group. Organises classes, competitions, etc.
Current Arts and Sciences Minister: Elena Vesare (Louise Caldwell)
Contact Email:



Group ‘treasurer’. Maintains the group’s finances.
Current Reeve:  (Thomas Santilli)
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Handles both book and voice heraldry (book being names and devices, voice being field and court heraldry), encourages people to learn and/or try it for themselves, and organises voice heraldry for events.
Current Herald: Heinrich Schreiber (James Hansard)
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Designated First Aid Officer for Aldhelm gatherings and Events. Responsible for the organisation of other First Aid qualified members to be present as required.
Current Chirurgeon:  Arthur ap Bran Emrys (Huw Davis)