Group ‘president’. Organises things, deals with venue hire, and does all the jobs we don’t have a person for.
Current Seneschal: Elena Vesare (Louise Caldwell)
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Responsible for ensuring that the laws of the club are upheld. Often involves making sure people keep up with paperwork.
Current Constable: (Merinda Baulch)
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Responsible for group media. Maintains the website, puts out newsletters, if there is one.
Current Chronicler: Heinrich Schreiber (James Hansard)
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Encourages combat activities within the group and is responsible for ensuring the safety of combatants.
Current Constable: (Laura Evans)
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 Arts and Sciences Minister

Encourages Arts and Sciences activities within the group. Organises classes, competitions, etc.
Current Arts and Sciences Minister: Elena Vesare (Louise Caldwell)
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Group ‘treasurer’. Maintains the group’s finances.
Current Reeve:  (Thomas Santilli)
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Handles both book and voice heraldry (book being names and devices, voice being field and court heraldry), encourages people to learn and/or try it for themselves, and organises voice heraldry for events.
Current Herald: Heinrich Schreiber (James Hansard)
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Designated First Aid Officer for Aldhelm gatherings and Events. Responsible for the organisation of other First Aid qualified members to be present as required.
Current Chirurgeon:  Arthur ap Bran Emrys (Huw Davis)