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St Vitas’ Dance & Music Weekend 2014

Two days of dance and dance related classes as well as music classes, plus food and more music and dancing.

There will be a Feast and Ball on the Saturday night and lunch will be served both days, of course

When: 13-14 September in Politarchopolis.
Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts Hall, Mortimer Lewis Drive, Greenway, ACT
Class Times:
9am to 5pm Saturday, 9am to 3pm Sunday
Feast, Followed by Ball:
6pm Saturday

Steward Details:
name: Joanna of the Beechwoods
phone: (02) 6296 2193
email: joannaandmurray@homemail.com.au


  • Full Weekend: $42
  • 1 Day plus Feast and Ball: $32
  • Feast and Ball Only: $22
  • One Day Only: $15
  • Children under 5 free, Children 5 to 12 half price.
  • Non-Members add $5.
  • Unbooked add $3 if there for feast, $1 if there for lunch.
  • Please Book by 7 September.
  • Please let us know about any special dietary requirements as soon as possible.


The Feast of Saint Andronicus and the Forgotten East

The feast day of Saint Andronicus fast approaches and with this important date in mind the College of Saint Andronicus have cast our eyes to oriental lands, and we welcome the populous to join us and their Majesties in our pilgrimage.

Upon your arrival there will be tournaments on both the heavy and rapier fields in honour of Andronicus, and later in the night a decadent Eastern feast shall be had that even Saladin would lament missing!

Where and When:
11th of October 2014, Corroberree Park Pall, Anslie from 1pm


  • $35 Members
  • *$5 surcharge for Non-Members