Tower and Fountain Tavern Feast 2012

On the 20th of October, 2012, the College of Saint Aldhelm will be
re-opening the Tower and Fountain Tavern!Where: All Saints Church Hall Ainslie ACT

Due to the law changes just announced, Colleges are now also required
to collect SCA non-member insurance. Therefore, the pricing scheme for
the Tower and Fountain is revised as follows:
Members: $25 booked; $35 un-booked
Non Members: $30 booked; $40 un-booked
Children: 6-14 $15; under 6 free
Child Non Members: $5 extra
Daytime rate: $5 members; $10 non members
Bookings to: AlexanderalaFontayne@gmail.comTimetable
12:00 Tavern opens with refreshments
12:30 Rapier armour inspections begin
13:00 Rapier tourney begins
15:00 An entertainment (probably a play)
15:45 Heavy armour inspections begin
16:15 Heavy tourney begins
19:00 Feast buffet opens
20:00 Bardic circle begins

There will be snacks available throughout the day, with a buffet-style
feast being served in the evening. The food will be mostly stews and
some finger food.

There will be mint cordial provided and some alcoholic beverages. The
event shall, quite clearly, be a wet site, and you are invited to
bring your own tasty beverages to quaff (or drink, which is like
quaffing, but you spill less).

The rapier tourney will be a melee engagement (or series of
engagements, if time allows) in the style of a bar brawl. All weapons
are permitted, as are novelty off-hand items (both defensive and
offensive) in a tavern theme (foam ‘broken bottles’, parrying
tankards, parrying poultry, you name it). Battlefield alliances are
allowed, but there can be only one victor.

The heavy tourney shall be a "You Spilled My Pint!"
Challenge Tourney, with all weapon forms permitted. Creative
challenges are strongly encouraged, as are tavern-themed special

Both tourneys will include reward for the fighter declared ‘most fun’
by their competitors (fighters are urged to include ‘best challenge’
in their heavy tourney voting).

These tournament formats are subject to change, if suggestions for
improvement are made. If you have suggestions, please send them to the
Tavern Landlord at

In between the Rapier and Heavy Tourneys we ask all present to pay
heed to the White Griffin players as they perform for your delight.The Tower and Fountain Tavern will feature a number of period board
games. Game sets (designed to fit in a feasting basket) will be on
sale to raise funds for The College of St Aldhelm. If you have your
own game sets, feel free to bring them!

Musicians are invited to come and play something when the mood
strikes, and there shall be dancing.

There will be a bardic circle during the evening’s festivities. Come
prepared to entertain your fellow inn-mates.